Financial Workshops Associates,Imc.

About Financial Workshops Associates Company

     FWA was started by Charles G. Read in the 90's for he saw the need to educate Advisors on how to present a proper Worksite Workshop to Employees of Companies. He became involved with Emerald and other workshop material providers and honed his skill in providing one of the best Advisor training classes in the field. He started to say in touch with and update advisors as well as give the decision makers of a Company, a way to find qualified worksite educators in their area.  

     Since 2001 has been the #1 offering on the Google Search Engine and never below #5 in the next 36 leading Search Engines and we've never paid to have this position! receives an average of 16,000 hits per month 450 Decision-Makers per week looking for YOU to give information on worksite marketing and possibly conduct a workshop at their organization!

    Michael J. Daly in 2005 went through one of Charles' Personnel Training Programs and received his CWI and RWI   Designations. Mr. Daly has taken over the Website for Charles in 2009 to help upgrade the current website and will be conducting Personal Training Programs in 2010. He also plans on adding many other upgrades to the site over the coarse of 2009-2010 and beyond.

      Bios of Charles G. Read and Michael J. Daly have been included in this section.